Patient Education

Patient Education

About offers dental health information from the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD).

Dental Diary Widget
The “Dental Diary” widget is the first-of-its-kind in the dental community.

The Life of a Tooth

Experience something unlike anything else on the Web and view this animated timeline. The Life of a Tooth Timeline features dynamic, floating silhouettes representing six key life stages – from infancy, childhood and adolescence, to young, middle and senior adulthood.  Accompanying information explains how teeth and mouths change in each of these stages of life. 

Dental Advisor

You now have a resource to reply to your questions in between visits. Visitors to the site can simply post a question on the Dental Advisor online forum and an educated AGD dentist will provide answers within 48 hours.

Glossary of Dental Terms
The Glossary provides definitions for dental terms you may know – such as cavities or fluoride – or those you may not know, such as “edentulous” (having lost most or all of the natural teeth), “periodontal disease” (inflammation and irritation of the gums), or “prophylaxis” (professional cleaning of the teeth by a dentist or hygienist).

American Dental Hygenist Association – Offers great information and tips on a wide variety of dental health.

WebMD’s Oral Health – Offers resources, news and answers to questions.